Settling In

On Friday, while I was waiting for my ride back to the airport, I started pulling tubs out of the owner’s closet and digging out all the things I leave here for convenience -such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other bathroom items; kitchen items such as dishsoap, paper towels, dishes and silverware; towels, sheets, bedding and so on.

On Saturday, my first priority was going out to buy a wi-fi modem since the one at the condo wasn’t working.  I could get on line if I plugged my computer into the modem with an ethernet cable, but that meant I had to stand next to the counter while I was using the computer.  It took two stops to take care of that.

While I was on the road, I got some paint because I’ll be painting our furniture while I’m here.  The man who checked me out at the hardware store said – “I’m looking at your face and I can tell that when you were young you were very pretty!”  UH…thanks… I think?  I had a good laugh about that.  It isn’t often that my elderly status is brought home to me so flagrantly, so I’m able to happily spend lots of time in denial even though my wrinkles are reaching the point where you can count them like tree rings to figure out how old I am!

Back at the condo, I installed the modem and did a few other tasks and then decided to take my first walk to the beach/pool area and take a few pictures.



I did that and then sat and talked to a neighbor until it was time to catch the first sunset of the trip at…where else?… Macabuca.  It was a nice sunset.



On Sunday, I did my first long walk with last year’s walking partner, Ann, and her husband.  After that, I washed all of the silder door windows along with the balcony furniture and the balcony floors.  It was a huge relief to get that out of the way.  It was a hot and wet job!

I gave myself a break after I got done and sat by the pool for about an hour – but got antsy to get back and keep working.  I cleared out the storage tubs that were in the spare room, and repacked the owner’s closet.  As part of that I had to get the bikes out of the closet and brought them into the living room where I put them together…mostly…

On Monday, we walked again and then I did some cleaning.  My neighbors needed a ride to the airport and I combined that trip with a visit to the local mattress store to shop for a new mattress.

The day ended on a very lazy note.  I took a nap!



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