Month: June 2023

Around the Mitten -Part 4

Clare, MI to Luther, MI -50 Miles US Bicycle Route 20 continues West on roads after the bike trail ends in Clare.  Due to the location of our hotel, we chose to improvise a more direct route to reconnect with… Read More ›

Around the Mitten – Part 2

Jackson, MI to Brighton, MI -50 Miles Last night, I started a new routine of reviewing the next day’s route and looking for any trouble spots ahead. Today’s ride was going to take us along the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail… Read More ›

Around the Mitten – Part 1

Water Water Everywhere -and nowhere to ride a bike! Last year, when we decided that May 2023 was the perfect month to resume our Mississippi Bike Trail ride in Burlington, IA, the one thing we didn’t take into consideration is… Read More ›