Month: September 2019

Destination: Koblenz

Distance: 0 Miles Word came down yesterday that for several reasons –which seemed sketchy to me- the group wouldn’t be biking at all on this last day of the trip.  The original itinerary was supposed to be a ride of… Read More ›

Destination: Cochem

Distance:  24 Miles I was happy that this day was going to be a bit shorter mileage than the last couple of days. I was moving slow that morning.  My cold was taking over.  After breakfast, we usually had about… Read More ›

Destination: Zell

Distance:  26 Miles Today was supposed to be 26 miles.  Being the over-achievers we are, the GPS says we went 27. I woke up in the morning with a very scratchy throat.  Fortunately, Mike had some cold medicine he could… Read More ›