Month: October 2014

Antequera – Part 5

On Saturday, I was finally joined by another participant – Fiona from Ireland.  I didn’t meet her until dinner. She is very nice and I enjoyed getting to know her while we were eating.  It was funny because she looked… Read More ›

Antequera – Part 4

Thursday dawned with the new activity of “Nordic Walking” for the morning warmup.  Nordic walking is a fancy way of saying you’re going to walk while using two walking sticks to exercise your upper body -sort of like the way… Read More ›

Antequera -Part 3

Around the City Antequera is located in Andalucia which is a southern region of Spain bordering the Mediterranean Sea.  Antequera is about 1 hour inland from Malaga, which is on the coast. The city has been called the “Heart of… Read More ›

Antequera, Spain – Part 2

My “dislocated rib” (for lack of a better word) continues to be a pain.  Based on my description, Mike thinks I’ve aggravated a nerve somehow.  Evidently now I’m getting on my own nerves after years spent getting on everyone else’s!… Read More ›

Antequera Spain – Part 1

Sendero Sur Fitness – Antequera, Spain Sometimes in the excitement of planning a daventure – the boring details can be glossed over…until the reality hits.  I was reminded of this when the reality hit me somewhere above the Atlantic that… Read More ›