Italy 2022: Planes, Trains, Bicycles & Barges!


Possibly best known to most people for having been the setting for two Shakespeare plays, Verona has its own rich history.  Our stay in Verona was meant to be a bit of a “chill out” time as we were getting to… Read More ›

Venice: Part 2

Departure Day from the Vita Pugna and the official end of the bike trip.  Our checkout time was 9:00 AM, essentially immediately after breakfast.  I was taking the packing of my suitcase down to the wire that morning!   My… Read More ›

Venice: Part 1

La Serenissima….Venice.  At some point in the distant past a pope called Venice “La Serenissima” (the Most Serene Republic).  The nickname stuck.  Having read about Venice in fiction, in history books, and in travel stories and having seen it in… Read More ›

Biking: Guidecca Day 5

We had breakfast as usual, but because of the short mileage today (about 16 miles) we didn’t depart until 10:30 AM.   Our route was to travel the length of the island of Pellestrina…all 7 miles of it…mostly along the… Read More ›

Biking: Adria Day 3

Not long after breakfast, the engines started up.  I think the Vita Pugna needed an early start today to arrive at our next stop in Adria on time.  We collected our bikes and rode to the bridge (as seen in… Read More ›

Biking: Zelo Day 2

Today was one of the longer biking mileage days of the trip – about 32 miles.  It took us 7 hours to do it!  That included two scheduled tours for the day. We started the morning by staying on the… Read More ›

Biking: Mantova Day 1

My sister Laura gave me a “Cycologist” t-shirt as a gift, so my first order of business this morning was to get my official “1st day of biking” picture in my new shirt, taken next to the barge. After dinner… Read More ›

Mantova, Italy

The day before our bike trip was scheduled to start, we took a train from Milan to Mantova.  Our home away from home for the upcoming week -the barge named Vita Pugna- was docked there. When I booked the hotel,… Read More ›

Milan, Italy

We’ve always wanted to see Venice.  When I found this bike and barge trip, which ends in Venice, I thought it would be a unique way to arrive in Venice “in style”.  Our sort of style anyway.  We originally booked… Read More ›