Ireland 2015

Ireland -Part 5

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides”. -W.E. Johns- Before we even arrived, Yvonne had figured out a touring schedule to cover the nearby attractions. As part of that she had built in… Read More ›

Ireland – Part 4

“The Americans never walk.  In winter too cold and in summer too hot.” -J. B. Yeats- WE proved Yeats (born in Ireland) wrong! Today’s plan was to visit Killarney National Park.  It was about 1 1/2 hours away toward the… Read More ›

Ireland – Part 3

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.  -Joyce Meyer We’re now working on day 3 of no luggage.  The plan for today was to do some touring back in the direction… Read More ›

Ireland 2015 – Part 2

The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.  -Mark Russell           When I got stuck overnight in Atlanta a couple of years ago, I swore… Read More ›

Ireland 2015

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.”                               – Fitzhugh Mullan I’m hoping we have gotten the daventure part out of the… Read More ›