In 2003,  I spent 5 weeks walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  At that time, the internet was mostly just about E-mail.  Having a cell phone was a big deal.  During my trip, I was able to stay in touch with Mike by phone (and fax), but my sisters, being quite concerned about the distance and scope of my trip, asked me to “check in” by E-mailing them from the trail so they wouldn’t worry about me so much.  That was the first time I “blogged” one of my trips.  The only way I could send an E-mail was if there was an internet cafe in the town where I stopped for the night -so my reports were sent every few days.   The next trip I planned, my sisters surprised me (happily) by asking if I was planning to “blog” my trip for them since they’d enjoyed my Spain adventure so much.  A tradition was born.   Over time my list grew to include my own friends and even friends of my family members.  Next, Facebook opened up my travel stories to a much wider potential audience.  And as technology creates new ways to creatively “blog” my travels, I continue to experiment with new ways to share my adventures.

As always, this has been created mostly to share my experiences with my family and close friends -but I welcome anyone who cares to visit and follow along as I dance through life to the beat of my own drum.

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